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Landscaping Services

Gardening Services

If you are searching for a landscaping company specializing in gardening services, look no further than the diligent green-thumbs at Aesthetic Earth, Inc.. Over the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in the world of landscape and garden design. Using time-honored techniques, cutting-edge tactics, and a delicate hand, we introduce harmony into green spaces.

Whether you are looking for routine garden maintenance or a team to install a gorgeous perennial flowerbed, we can help you. What’s more, our services come at an incredible rate.

Landscape Architecture Services

Add beauty, value, and livability with the landscape architecture services of Aesthetic Earth, Inc.. We are a full-service landscape architect ready to transform your property, your way. We develop complete design-build solutions based on our clients’ needs, tailoring our approach to reflect their vision for their space. For elegant designs and flawless aesthetics, we are the team to choose.

To schedule a consultation, or to request a quote, give us a call at (503) 805-6407 today.

Landscape Lighting Services

No landscaping project is complete without installing landscape lighting. Not only will outdoor lighting work to highlight the beauty of your property, but it will also increase the safety and enjoyability of your home or business. 

The landscaping lighting experts at Aesthetic Earth, Inc. have been installing stunning landscape lighting for years. We can talk to you about your lighting needs and goals and develop a customized project plan. 

Landscape Design Services

Aesthetic Earth, Inc. provides landscape design services across the local area. We represent the cutting edge, developing innovative solutions that add beauty, value, and livability to any outdoor space. Our designs combine quality with artistry, creativity with craftsmanship. Blurring the boundary between our built and natural environments, they bring both together into a singular, harmonious vision based on each client’s preferences.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation, call us at (503) 805-6407 today.

Landscaping Company

Aesthetic Earth, Inc. is the premier landscaping company serving the local area. We offer a complete range of services for the design, construction, and maintenance of your landscape. We are renowned for our quality workmanship and committed customer-oriented approach, consistently going above and beyond to meet the needs of the client. Whether you need frequent lawn maintenance or a complete re-design for your yard, we have what it takes to do the job right.

To schedule a consultation, or to book a service, call us at (503) 805-6407 today.

Landscaping Services

If you’re looking for local landscaping services, look no further than Aesthetic Earth, Inc.. As the area’s leading full-service landscaper, we provide a complete range of services for all your outdoor needs. With our years of experience and expert service solutions, we’ll help you save time, save money, and get the quality landscape you deserve.

To schedule a consultation, give us a call at (503) 805-6407 today. We can’t wait to get started—and neither should you.

Commercial Landscaping Lighting

We have extensive experience working with all kinds of businesses with their specific landscape lighting needs. Whether you own or manage a small property with minimal needs, or you’re looking for extensive outdoor lights to brighten up every part of your large property, our knowledgeable and expert contractors are standing by to make your needs our top priority.

Commercial Landscaping

Successful commercial landscape design and maintenance requires solutions that serve a range of people – employees, clients, residents, tenants and property managers. As a commercial property manager, you need practical, low-maintenance options for landscape design and ongoing upkeep. Aesthetic Earth, Inc. can provide you with all-inclusive commercial landscape design services as well as installation services in your area.

Garden Design

Our local landscapers have a deep understanding of construction methods and well-made, economical garden design. That’s why we work with you at every stage to make sure all your garden goals can be sustained for decades to come.

Landscape Construction

Your paradise is our passion. We set ourselves apart from the average local landscaping company with our ability to blend your personal vision with our innovative design expertise. We can create functional and appealing outdoor spaces for any setting—residential or commercial.

Residential Landscape Lighting

Aesthetic Earth, Inc. offers a wide variety of residential landscape lighting services to suit your needs and budget. Call us today at (503) 805-6407 to set up an appointment with one of our residential landscape lighting designers or a contractor ready to start your project.

Shrubs and Hedges

There are many different kinds of shrubs, which can be planted alone or in a line to create a living wall. These living walls can provide privacy, security, reduce winds, deter deer and other animals. Hedges and shrubs also help contribute to a diverse garden, and make a property look beautiful in ways that range from elegant and classic to wild and whimsical.

Xeriscape Landscaping

Are you looking to create a beautiful, natural landscape? The xeriscaping services from Aesthetic Earth, Inc. will help you create a lush property that is designed around the natural environment of our region. This style of landscaping is ideal for people looking to reduce their water use, help your plants stay disease-free, and create a drought-tolerant property.

To learn more, give us a call at (503) 805-6407 to speak with an expert.


We’re proud to offer xeriscaping, a unique and forward-thinking approach to landscaping. Xeriscape landscaping covers your property in gorgeous drought-tolerant plants that will stay beautiful and lively even with very little water. Call us today at (503) 805-6407 to save water and money without sacrificing a beautiful property! Our xeric landscape designs can come outfitted with the best low-water irrigation systems to save you money and limit your ecological impact. Call today to discuss our xeriscape options for your residence or commercial property.

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